I have been fascinated with the past all my life. Although time travel is not possible (at least, as far as I know), we can still experience it through what I call "relics of the fourth dimension." Namely, as the old saying goes, "time marches on." We can't travel in the fourth dimension, except going forward in the present, but we can follow the trail of the fourth dimension. Along the way, people lose or discard items from their being. These relics are unintentional time capsules that give us as glimpse into their lives. Here on The Time Searchers blog, I will show some relics of the past that I have run across in our present. Sometimes when I am out on a relic hunt with the Colonial Relic Hunter, we know that we are not alone. There is more than just relics at these historical sites. Indeed, it could be said that there is a portal to the past, perhaps to another dimension, where that which once was, still is. A place where the real consorts with the shadows; the present fuses with the past, on Time Searchers: Ghost Relics.

Monday, September 18, 2017

World War Two United States Bayonet-Relic Find

Here's a relic condition United States Military Bayonet from World War Two.  This item was found on one of our relic hunts.  No, we were not on a World War Two site.  We were at a colonial era site. After World War Two, large numbers of veterans brought equipment home.  Also, we had army surplus stores that had some amazing items that sold World War Two surplus in the 1940's into the 1960's.  Alot of hunters used this equipment in the woods of America in their quest for a successful hunt.  Surplus rifles, knives, field equipment was used.  I believe this bayonet was used and lost by a hunter.  This find really wet our appetite to do some World War Two hunting.-The Time Searcher.