I have been fascinated with the past all my life. Although time travel is not possible (at least, as far as I know), we can still experience it through what I call "relics of the fourth dimension." Namely, as the old saying goes, "time marches on." We can't travel in the fourth dimension, except going forward in the present, but we can follow the trail of the fourth dimension. Along the way, people lose or discard items from their being. These relics are unintentional time capsules that give us as glimpse into their lives. Here on The Time Searchers blog, I will show some relics of the past that I have run across in our present. Sometimes when I am out on a relic hunt with the Colonial Relic Hunter, we know that we are not alone. There is more than just relics at these historical sites. Indeed, it could be said that there is a portal to the past, perhaps to another dimension, where that which once was, still is. A place where the real consorts with the shadows; the present fuses with the past, on Time Searchers: Ghost Relics.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Colonial Spoon Mold Found Intact!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Here's some photos of a find of a lifetime made by the Colonial Relic Hunter.  During the summer, we made a trip into the Time Searcher's Twilight Zone for relic hunting....the Lost Colonial Village.

We had a great day there and the video will be out later this week but we made a lot of finds that day including this spoon mold and a 1785 Spanish Two Reale coin.

Thanks for viewing!!

- The Time Searcher

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Lost Colonial Village: Last Trip of the Season and a Special Message from the Time Searchers Team

So while we here in good old Western PA haven't had the first big snowfall of the year (and cursed the little flakes that did happen to fall), we took one last trip to the Colonial Village.

This time we found some Colonial Coppers and Colonial Buttons.

The Colonial Village has to be one of our top favorite spots to hunt.  We always seem to come back to the headquarters with some good finds.  We can't wait for the seasons to change again so we can get back out there and do more digging.

But who knows, maybe the snow will hold off for a while longer, we'll get some decent days and the Time Searchers can go a hunting again before the end of the year.  If we do, we'll be sure to show you our finds, like we always do.

The episode is located below and can also be found on the Colonial Relic Hunter's YouTube channel which you can click the link to here or find it in our side bar.

We're always looking for your input, so feel free to comment and let us know what you think.  You can also find us on Facebook or follow us on Google+.

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, we'll be taking a few days off to spend with our families and be thankful for everything we've been given.  We here at the Time Searchers are very thankful for all our viewers and followers.  We love what we do and we love being able to present our finds to you.  With that said, we hope you all have a fantastic and safe Thanksgiving and we'll see you next week!

Happy Turkey Day fellow hunters!

- The Time Searchers Team

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Colonial Relic Hunter Contributes: Spiked Tomahawk

Here's a nice little contribution from our good friend, The Colonial Relic Hunter.  He sends in the following description:

"Here is another Spike Tomahawk from my collection that is from the late 1700s to very early 1800.  I have always loved the Spike Tomahawks and trade axes in general because of the usage and the history of the artifacts."

The Colonial Relic Hunter will be posting and sending us more Revolutionary War Era Canteens/Powder Kegs so keep checking back for those interesting items!


Friday, November 20, 2015

This Day in History: The Nuremberg Trials Begin

Today marks the 70th anniversary to the start of the Nuremberg war crimes trials.  This event marked the true end of World War II and the beginnings of the postwar era.  The surviving leadership of the German Third Reich were put on trial for their crimes against humanity.  Some Nazis were tried in other Courts in other countries.  Some Nazi war criminals fled and were caught later.  Like Adoff Eichmann who was tried in Israel and hanged in 1962 for crimes against humanity.  Others were never caught like Joseph Mengele.

Here's an old photograph of the judges deliberation room at Nuremberg that I pulled out of my archives.  The crimes against humanity that some of the Defendant's were convicted of are a dark lesson of history that should never be forgotten.

- The Time Searcher

Thursday, November 19, 2015

We're Now on Facebook!

You heard it right, we're now on Facebook.  We can't believe it either, but here we are.  So go on over and like us to keep up to date with all things Time Searchers!

The Time Searchers on Facebook

- The Time Searcher

Erie Railroad Buttons & Pins!

Here's some Erie Railroad buttons and pins I recently ran across in my travels.  The Erie Railroad operated from 1832-1960.  It's route ran from Erie, PA to Chicago in the west and east from Erie, PA to New York City.

Probably a former employee moved to Pittsburgh, PA and that's how his pins and buttons ended up here on the Time Searcher's blog.

- The Time Searcher

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Indian Relic Hunt!

Here is it Time Searchers fans!  The Indian Relic Hunt along with a relic roundup.  In this hunt we find the arrowhead that we posted earlier on the blog.

We'll be back soon with another exciting find!

Until then, happy hunting!

- Time Searcher

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

1770's British Rifleman's Wood & Iron Canteen Flask found by our very own Colonial Relic Hunter

The Colonial Relic Hunter was at it again searching for some old relics on the world wide web, because we hunt anywhere we can.  Below is his write up of this amazing 1770's British Rifleman's wood & iron Canteen Flask find.  If you haven't already, go on over and check out his account where you can find more pictures here, or you can check out his YouTube Channel for other hunts, which is conveniently located here, and don't forget to subscribe to keep up to date on all things Colonial Relic Hunter.

"Here is the newest Rev War Era artifact added to my collection.. This is an Nice 1770's British Rifleman's wood & iron Canteen Flask that actually came from Edinburgh, Scotland.   I just love history and the story the artifacts have to tell us. This is one i sought out for a longtime and now it's here plus i have a special connection to this one too because i was born in Scotland and raised there..But anyways this Canteen has been in Scotland all these years and now here in the States. I hope you all like the canteen and it takes us back in time and wonder the stories it has to tell.."

The Colonial Relic Hunters web find of a 1770s British Rifleman's canteen flask.

Monday, November 9, 2015

BARN FIND - 1880's Bayonet

Here's an old socket bayonet that I found in my explorations over the weekend.  You never know when a part of the past will surface.  This piece was long hidden away in the crevices of an old barn that I was permitted to crawl around in.  This find shows what I have been telling the Colonial Relic Hunter for years: not all the relics are in the ground.

- The Time Searcher

Friday, November 6, 2015

Indian Relic Hunt: The Arrowhead

Here's a picture and review video of an Indian arrowhead that I found in June, 2015 on the Indian Relic Hunt that we did.  There were lots of greats finds on that hunt and the full episode of it will be released on BillTheRelic's YouTube channel.

We here at The Time Searchers love the colonial relics, but the Indian artifacts are always a great find that help us to relate to the first inhabitants of North America that to this day, most people don't know very much about.

We here at The Time Searchers are very much about learning not only about the past, but about the culture of the people who left these relics for us to find.  It still amazes us that years ago these objects belonged to a person, or helped him or her survive in the world that was so different from ours.

Until next time!

- The Time Searcher

Archaeological Dig Photo!

Here's an old tourist photo taken of an archaeological dig near Rome, Italy in 1957.  I will assume that the dirt was sifted at another location.  I don't think that any digs today would look like this one.  They didn't even grid the area off.  I wonder what treasures they did find....

- The Time Searcher

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Time Searchers Go Hunting: The Lost Colonial Village

The Colonial Relic Hunter holds up his amazing find.
With winter soon approaching, relic hunting season is coming to a close for the 2015 season.  We got the opportunity last week to get out of the Time Searchers Headquarters to hunt at the Lost Colonial Village.  The episode of this hunt will be released later on Billtherelic's YouTube Channel (and of course we'll have a post on that premiere), but we wanted to bring you some pictures of this find.  The Colonial Relic Hunter found his fourth Spanish Two Reale coin from this site.  This one is a 1803 mintage.  Below you can check out the close ups of this great find.  We'll be posting more of what we found, so keep checking back.

Until next time!

- The Time Searcher

Monday, November 2, 2015

Plunder of the Sun - 1953

Here's a link to the trailer for an underrated film.  It's Plunder of the Sun from 1953.  Produced by John Wayne's Production company, BATJAC.  Glenn Ford starts as Al Colby, a down and out American in Central America who becomes involved in a search for priceless Zapotecan artifacts.

Along the way, Glenn Ford's character is approached by others searching for the treasures.  They tell him that he can trust them and it would be better if they teamed up and became partners.  Despite his jaded attitude, Al Colby learns life lessons the hard way.  These hard way lessons are the same ones the Time Searchers learned in our search for relics.  That's why I like this film so much.

- The Time Searcher